About Blue Ammonia

The energy sector is Blue Ammonia’s fastest-growing market 

the project

Allied’s integrated process facility is a signature project in Western Australia. Our industry-leading solutions ensure reliable and safe operation with the lowest possible energy consumption and the lowest possible emissions with integrated carbon capture and storage (CCS) to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

The facility will avoid the emission of million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. The technology is commercially proven and will be provided by a renowned technology provider, and will deliver its Blue Ammonia synthesis technology, proprietary hardware, and catalysts.

Clean Energy Solution For A Better Planet.

About Blue Ammonia

Allied’s Blue Ammonia Production Facility is a signature project in Western Australia. Our ammonia is derived from nitrogen and “blue” hydrogen extracted from natural gas feedstocks. The carbon dioxide by-product from hydrogen production is captured and used in Methanol production. Ammonia can be used as a zero-carbon or carbon-neutral fuel across many industries, including transportation, power generation, and industries including steel, cement, and fertilizer production.

Blue Ammonia QUALITY

Ammonia has the key qualities of a low carbon economy fuel – higher energy density than hydrogen and zero carbon and sulfur-free emissions when combusted. The ammonia storage and transport infrastructure are well developed globally with significant international trade. Ammonia’s shipping routes are well established, and there is a comprehensive network of ports globally able to handle ammonia shipments at a large scale as a marine fuel.

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