“The earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.”

~ Ernest Hemingway


Sustainability is represented at every level of our governance structure, from the Board of Directors and the Sustainability Committee to the managers and staff of our organization. Altogether, all our staff members are involved in the implementation of our sustainability and governance roadmap.

ALLIED METHANOL has a bold ambition to produce Methanol and Blue Methanol in Western Australia. We aim to achieve this ambition without impacting the environment either in a good or bad way. Keeping the global impact and environment into consideration, we identify, invest, and develop environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable energy projects to sustain our long-term energy requirements and future expansions.

We are Allied Methanol Group and We excel at what we do.

Our Environment & Carbon Emission Commitments

Allied Methanol is committed to environmental excellence, from groundbreaking projects to research and activities in local communities. Allied Methanol and its employees are protecting the environment at all levels.

We are working towards zero-emission related to our operations and products and implementing innovative solutions that expand our portfolio to meet the demands of our customers for affordable, reliable, and clean supplies of energy and products.

As we work towards zero emission, our collective challenge is to create solutions that protect the environment without undermining the growth of the global economy. Allied Methanol participates in global sustainable and industry-led projects to reduce the long-term risk of CO2 capture from emissions sources.


The Project

The Project will be the first Allied Methanol & Blue Ammonia Integrated Production Facilities in Western Australia.

We aim to make something beneficial to help solve a problem that hasn’t been solved. The best-planned strategies are worthless if they can’t be translated from concept to reality. Even the best strategy can fail if an organization doesn’t have a team of leaders with the right capabilities at the correct levels of the organization.

Our world economy faces unprecedented challenges from different sectors like soaring population growth, resource constraints, solid economic challenges, a warming climate, and other environmental challenges. The strategic direction articulated in our vision and mission is our response to the challenges of delivering against our business strategy: Sustainable competitive advantage – to produce high-quality Methanol & Blue Ammonia products in  Western Australia to the world.

World-Class Project Adopted To Our Community

ALLIED METHANOL Group aims to produce the highest quality Methanol and Blue Ammonia in Western Australia. The Project comprises the design, development, financing, construction, ownership, and operation of Methanol  & Blue Ammonia integrated Production Facilities (the “Project”) with a commercial quantity processing capacity.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our strategy for a sustainable world is embedded through our Sustainability Master Plan. The Allied Methanol Group integrates sustainability into our strategy and operations, anchored on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We cooperate and support a sustainable business model that pursues social progress, environmental balance, and economic growth, to improve the lives of humanity today and in future generations.

Clean Energy Solution For A Better Planet.

Our Sustainability Goal

Sustainable development is the pathway we want for all. We are fully committed to creating, innovating, and accelerating sustainable solutions to the most urgent issues such as global warming and carbon reduction. Our project development strategies align with realizing our worthy ideals progressively in developing sustainable projects in Western Australia. We aim to achieve this ambition without impacting the environment either in a good or bad way.

Sustainable Development

Our sustainability objectives are anchored with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are aware of our responsibility to balance our impacts on the environment and society as we continue to seek opportunities for growth.

People & the Environment

Our limited natural resources and the evolving nature of society and human capital mandate us to integrate both sustainability and shared value creation into the core of our sustainability strategies. We aspire to do this by teaching accountability, transparency, and responsibility to our employees, who form the solid foundations of our company.

Our Approach


We are anchored on our Strategic Leaders’ conviction that sustainability will always be at the heart of our organization’s strategy. Our approach is anchored to the United Nations development goals. We are committed to taking positive steps through economically viable investments, technically appropriate operations; environmentally sound practices; and socially responsible actions. We aim to develop more sustainable and accountable clean energy products in Australia as it is environmentally friendly and reduce carbon footprints.

How we solve the ongoing health, economic, and environmental crisis is likely the biggest challenge facing our generation today. Our group is accelerating the transition to cleaner energy through our Blue Methanol energy project in the Northern Territory (NT) Australia for a better future.
There is no planet B. We cooperate to do our best and be a catalyst of change in the global effort to heal our world from further change, and YES… "Together, we can."
We constantly look for possibilities in the market to drive advancement. We see challenges as opportunities, challenge the status quo, and tackle the problems differently. We explore new and dynamic business models and develop pioneering projects in Australia that help heal our environment.
We are inspired by the hopes and dreams of others and are committed to giving people the opportunity to lead improved lives. By doing good businesses that don't just focus on returns, we contribute to the communities we serve and the country.